tris motorcycle servicing

At Tris Motorcycles we offer a full range of ‘menu price’ servicing for all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters. From a basic service including oil and filter to full servicing including valve adjustment, lubricants and coolant changes. All of our Technicians are manufacturer trained with many years of experience, guaranteeing quality of workmanship and value for money.


Our workshop services

We offer a full range of fitted motorcycle and scooter tyres from Avon, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Maxxis. We understand how critically important quality tyres are on a motorcycle and that the correct fitting and wheel balancing vastly improves safety and handling. Whether you ride a high performance sports bike, adventure bike, custom, daily commuter or scooter, at our fitting centres cater for all your requirements.

We offer while you await fitting, a complimentary loan bike or for those enthusiasts who enjoy the challange of wheel removal, we are happy to fit tyres to a loose wheel. Whats more we will dispose of your old tyres all at a competitive price.

So why not contact us for a quote today and have our experts take care of your tyre supply and fitting requirements.


At Tris Motorcycles we have a huge range of approved and after-market accessories for your motorcycle. Whether you're after a comfort seat, race exhaust system or full touring luggage, we have the expertise and knowledge to advice and fit the perfect accessories for your bike.

Racing Accessories

If you're track day fanatic, we have all the accessories you need from paddock stands, tyre warmers, R&G crash protection to ramps and straps for safe transportation to the track. We will advise, supply and fit the perfect accessories.

Touring Accessories

Heading off for an adventure? We will prepare your motorcycle with the perfect accessories for the trip including comfort seat, luggage and sat nav with up to date mapping plus hundreds of useful touring accessories online and instore. 

Commuting Accessories

If you're a daily rider, additional upgrades such as heated grips, heated seats, weatherproof motorcycle covers, and a full range of security from disc locks to security chains will make your journeys more comfortable and secure. We can supply and fit everything you need as an everyday biker.

Custom Parts 

Making your bike truly unique is a passion of every motorcyclist. There are so many genuine custom parts that of manufacturers offer. Why not come in and discuss your requirements and vision with one of our experts who will advise and help choose the right combination of custom parts to make your ride your very own cool style.

We continually invest in the latest diagnostic equipment and workshop facilities. Our technicians undertake continuous manufacturer diagnostic and product training to ensure we can efficiently pinpoint and repair any fault, having you back on the road as soon as possible. 

WARNING: Entrusting your bike to a non franchised repair shop for diagnostic repair is a serious false economy. We often spend time rectifying bikes that have had botched repair attempts due to lack of knowledge and outdated equipment.


If you're unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you'll need a team you can rely on to repair your motorcycle to the higest standard with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Our technicians are skilled in assessing damage, repairing and ensuring your bike is returned to you in perfect condition.

We only use genuine parts, with manufacturer warranty and will work with your insurance company to minimise the time you spend without your bike.

All Tris Motorcycles repair work is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.



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