Motorcycle Training

Never ridden before? Become a confident new rider with our help. Learn the essential skills and get comfortable on a motorcycle. Don't worry, we've got you covered with affordable packages from 999/-



The Keyboard Rider eCourse is a highly interactive 3-hr. online program that provides riders of all skill levels with the basics of motorcycling.

 With integrated graphics, photos and video to illustrate the lessons, the KES 999  program allows you to control the pace of your learning. Please note that the Keyboard Rider eCourse alone is NOT accepted as a license to ride a motorcycle or as a learner’s permit.

The  Keyboard Rider eCourse serves as an introductory check for anyone interested in riding a motorcycle. It helps you determine whether motorcycling is right for you. Although it’s a key component of the Ultimate Biker Training Hands-on Course, it can be completed as an introductory stand-alone program without enrolling in the hands-on course. Plus, it is a great supplement for those who intend to take up our Ultimate Biker Program.

Like all training programs, the Keyboard Rider eCourse promotes lifelong learning. Once you create an account you can retake the course whenever you want a refresher. The course includes selectable English text and audio.


Looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Or, perhaps you’ve ridden before but it’s been a while and you need to refresh your skills?

Noob package is designed to help you learn the essential skills needed to ride with confidence and independence. It’s perfect for those who just want to tick riding off their bucket list and aren’t ready for the road experience or getting licensed or If you are a returning rider looking to refresh your skills.

With a maximum 6-hour session that can be split daily over six days, you’ll have plenty of time to learn and practice with the help of an experienced instructor. We’ll provide a motorcycle, the safety gear you need, including helmets, and teach you the basics of moving off, stopping, slow control, and changing gears.

Our goal is to help you get comfortable on a motorcycle and enjoy the exhilarating experience of riding. Plus, if you decide you love it and want to learn more, we offer an Ultimate Biker Program (Insert link to UBP) where you can top-up the difference and get the full  experience and get licensed ! 

Ready to tick off “Learn To Ride a Motorcycle” on your bucket list?  Sign up for our Noob training package today!


Decided to seriously ride , great! You are in good hands.

What you’ll learn

The basics of motorcycle controls and handling

You’ll learn how a motorcycle works; the controls, maintenance and safety checks you should conduct before riding and how to move and park your bike.

How to safely ride and control the motorcycle on the training field.

The instructor will teach you maneuvers, braking, observations, clutch control and gear changing (on a manual motorcycle). You’ll spend a lot of time riding around cones, practicing different road riding scenarios and techniques.

Road riding theory

You’ll be shown diagrams and discuss the correct theory of how to ride safely on the road and asked questions about what to do.

Practical road riding

You’ll spend some hours riding on a variety of roads with your instructor, who will give directions and get exposed to the road.  You will get to practice hill-starts too.

Don’t worry we will take you slow according to your comfort levels.Requirements

In order to take the Ultimate Biker Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed the keyboard Rider E-program (inclusive in the cost)
  • Be able to read a registration plate from 20.5 meters
  • Be able to ride an adult sized bicycle
  • Wear suitable clothing including thick trousers (such as jeans) and Ankle length boots .
  • Have your National ID or Identity Document for  PDL or Endorsement.
  • Speak and understand English and the Highway code
  • Be able to ride an adult sized bicycle

What you can ride after

A2 license allows you to ride up to any motorcycle or scooter on the road. And you is available for individuals over 18 years

We include as standard:

  • A Powerful 170cc and a 200cc  Motorcycle to train on.
  •  Test fees & fuel.
  • Key-Board rider e-Course.
  • Flexible timings including weekends and public holidays.
  • Flexible cancellation.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Unlimited Classes valid for 30 days.
  • Minimum classes of 5 days
  • Motorcycle Riding gear/apparels.
  • A Good Time.
  • Unlimited Theory classes



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