Keyboard Rider e-Course

KShs 999.00


The Keyboard Rider e-Course is a highly interactive 3-hr. online program that provides riders of all skill levels with the basics of motorcycling.

With integrated graphics, photos and video to illustrate the lessons, the KES 999  program allows you to control the pace of your learning. Please note that the Keyboard Rider eCourse alone is NOT accepted as a license to ride a motorcycle or as a learner’s permit.

The  Keyboard Rider eCourse serves as an introductory check for anyone interested in riding a motorcycle. It helps you determine whether motorcycling is right for you. Although it’s a key component of the Ultimate Biker Training Hands-on Course, it can be completed as an introductory stand-alone program without enrolling in the hands-on course. Plus, it is a great supplement for those who intend to take up our Ultimate Biker Program.

Like all training programs, the Keyboard Rider eCourse promotes lifelong learning. Once you create an account you can retake the course whenever you want a refresher. The course includes selectable English text and audio.